Worker dies after falling into 40ft deep pit at construction site near Safdarjung station

A 25-year-old laborer died on Thursday after being buried in a 40-foot-deep pit at a construction site near Safdarjung station. Police said he was working at the site where the station redevelopment is taking place.

The deceased, identified as Shamsher Rehman, was doing welding work when a huge lump of loose earth slipped and he fell into the pit about 40 feet deep.

The incident happened around 6 a.m. when other workers were also working on the site. Senior officials said it took them more than 4 hours to save the man, but by then he was dead.

Manoj C, DCP (South West) said: “We received a PCR call early in the morning in Sarojini Nagar and we rushed there. One of the workers fell into a pit under the basement of the construction and got stuck. We were told the pit was 40 feet deep. It was discovered that Shamsher was welding a water pump when he slipped and fell into the pit. It was around 5.15 a.m. but he was found later.”

Police personnel called the Delhi Fire Service and NDRF teams to rescue the man. Cranes and firefighters were called and firefighters and other rescuers rushed to the scene but struggled to move around the site.

“Due to the recent rains, there was a lot of mud. It was slipping and it was feared that others could also fall under the construction site. We had to be very careful. We used cranes and ropes and managed to retrieve his body around 10 a.m.,” a fire official said.

Shamsher was from Bihar and lived alone in Delhi. His body was kept in the morgue of Safdarjung Hospital.

“Prima facie…there is negligence on the part of the contractor and the construction company. We have registered a case against unknown persons under the negligence sections relating to the repair of buildings and causing death by negligence. The matter is being investigated and arrests will be made shortly,” an officer said.

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