Polavaram Irrigation Project Reaches New Milestone – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

VIJAYAWADA: With the fixing of the remaining hydraulic jacks, the spillway works of the Polavaram Irrigation Project have been completed, which is a milestone in its execution. The chief engineer of the Polavaram project, B Sudhakar, inspected the works. A total of 48 radial spillway gates were installed and 96 hydraulic rams aligned with 24 power units to lift the gates were repaired.

According to Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL), the execution of the irrigation project, the installation of 10 sluice gates and 20 hydraulic jacks, two each for 10 gates, has been completed. Ten sets of power packs that lift valves have also been fixed. The construction of the fish pass is already complete. In addition, the construction of the 140 meter long, 53.32 meter high and 12.5 meter wide Gap-3 concrete dam has been completed.

Currently, work on the 52-metre-high spillway guide bund is progressing at a steady pace. Soil excavation to the tune of 64.88 lakh cubic meters in the approach channel has been completed, in addition to 5.5 lakh cubic meters of soil being excavated in the pilot channel. A construction of upper caissons 2,480 meters long at a height of 42.5 meters is in progress.

Work on the 1,630 meter long lower cofferdam at a height of 30.5 meters is also progressing at a brisk pace. Sand filling work in the Gap-2 area of ​​the ECRF Dam construction is progressing rapidly. While the construction of the D-wall in Gap-1 has already been completed, the vibratory stone column work to reinforce the soil has been completed and the deep soil mixing is nearing completion, MEIL said.

According to the MEIL, the excavation of the hill for the hydroelectric project has been completed, in addition to the excavation of 12 of its pressure tunnels. The fixing of the ferrules in the pressure tunnels has started. The hydropower project’s earth blanket concrete works have also accelerated, he added. A central team will visit the Polavaram project on Saturday and Sunday. The team will study and discuss the works of the ECRF dam of the project with the engineers. The team, led by Sriram Vedire, adviser to Minister Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, will arrive in Rajamahendravaram on Saturday and from there proceed to the Polavaram project site.

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