Nawab Malik paid Rs 55 lakh to Dawood Ibrahim’s sister for usurped land, says ED

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik allegedly usurped the property of a woman in Mumbai with the help of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, Haseena Parker. According to the Law Enforcement Directorate, Malik paid Rs 55 lakh in cash to Haseena Parker for capturing the plot.

The total proceeds of crime (POC) is over Rs 15 crore, according to the indictment filed by the ED.

In statements made to the investigative agency, victim Munira Plumber, denied receiving a single penny in lieu of land seized by Malik, also denied issuing a confirmation letter.

According to ED, there were two proxies. One made by Plumber and given to Salim Patel (Haseena Parker’s driver and henchman) with Rs 5 lakh to remove the encroachments on his property. The second was the basis on which the entire sale of Patel and Parker’s property to Malik is made.

However, the second document was a fake because she never signed a power of attorney to sell the property.

The plumber reiterated that she only issued one power of attorney on March 12, 1999 to Salim Patel to remove encroachments and settle disputes. She pointed out that she had never visited any register or notary and that no one had visited her in the same way.

The agency said the company bank account of Malik Solidus Investments Pvt Ltd showed that Rs 15,00,000 was given to Patel, Rs 5,00,000 was given to Sardar Khan (accused of the 1993 blast which , along with his brother, was collecting rent from tenants in Goawala compound on behalf of the plumber) by check and Rs 20,000 was given to a surveyor appointed by Malik to inspect Goawala compound.

These transactions took place between May 20 and October 26, 2005. However, no transaction to Plombier was reflected in the bank accounts.

In 2005, Malik, Parker, Khan and Patel conspired and Malik bought the part controlled by Parker and Khan. Malik paid Rs 55 lakh in cash to Haseena Parker herself, according to ED.

It is all of these amounts to which is added an amount of Rs 11,70,78,865 that the agency indicated as “rent received by the companies and the firm controlled by Malik”.

The plumber had also sued Malik for unlawful possession and all relevant court details were produced by the plumber to ED.

The investigative agency also attached a letter Plumber had written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner on September 22, 1989, in which she stated that up to 50 unauthorized occupiers had illegally captured and forcibly occupied her land and that they threatened her every time she asked for the invaders. go. She had also filed complaints with Kurla Police at least 4 times “but they seemed to be hand in hand with the trespassers or illegal occupiers”.

The invoice stated that “the total consideration for the amount of the property mentioned in an agreement drawn up by Malik was Rs 30 Lakh. Tenants were also brought in by Malik to reduce the registration value. , the market value as per the sale deed is Rs 3.3 crore while the total payment made was only Rs 20 lakh by Malik.”

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