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SYDNEY, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When heavy rain hits, a property’s plumbing system can be affected. According to leading plumber Port StephensAll in all, The Plumbing Life Saver, heavy rains don’t necessarily spell disaster for a home’s plumbing, as long as homeowners act quickly to fix any problems that arise.

The Plumbing Life Saver explains that rainwater runs off with sticks, leaves, and other debris that can accumulate in the sewer system, clogging drains and pipes. This will lead to sinks that drain slowly and a foul smell coming from the drain channel. If a homeowner notices signs of clogged drains, they can first try unblocking the drains using a plunger and clearing all debris from gutters, roofs, and around drains. If the problem persists, they should call a professional plumber, like The Plumbing Life Saver, who have years of experience fixing clogged drains in Port Stephens.

Heavy downpours can cause water to pool in the lowest points of the yard, softening the ground and potentially compromising the stability of the property while presenting a risk of flooding. To prevent flooding, The Plumbing Life Saver recommends homeowners keep storm drains clear. If water is building up, a plumber will likely use a sump pump or wet vacuum to remove the excess water.

With the displacement of the ground caused by heavy rains, the underground pipes can be weakened and bent, which could lead to them cracking. The Plumbing Life Saver indicates that leaky pipes include low water pressure, discolored water, or debris from the faucet. If any of these problems occur, it is advisable to call a plumber to repair the pipes immediately, before the problem worsens.

The Plumbing Life Saver explains that heavy rains can overload the sewer line, causing backups. Also, too much rain can oversaturate the ground around the septic tank, causing it to flood. In either case, it is best to seek the help of a plumber as these issues can lead to hazardous materials entering the home.

If homeowners encounter cracked or burst pipes, clogged drains, or flooding due to poor drainage, calling in a reliable emergency plumber can potentially avert a dire situation.

For any plumbing emergency including hot water repair in Port Stephens, call the plumbing lifeguard today.

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