Galeron, the Plumber’s horse from Havant, wins the Goffs Million – the biggest prize in Irish horse racing

Galeron came first in a field of 19 juveniles in the seven-stadia Goffs Million at Curragh Racecourse in County Kildare, Ireland – taking the top prize of €611,000 (£545,249) for owner Gary Robinson and his team.

Gary, who is managing director of Aura Gas, only bought his first horse about two years ago after getting into the sport during the Covid lockdowns.

Gary, who spoke to The news while still celebrating in Dublin, said: “We said we wanted something better than ninth place and that would have paid for the trip – but then he won!

Gary Robinson at Goodwood Racecourse on August 29, 2021. Photo: Malcolm Wells

“We are absolutely made up, we couldn’t have wanted better. There are ups and downs in the race and right now we are at the highest of peaks. It’s like winning a Classic, but with even more money.’

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Gary now plans to invest some of his earnings in other horses – and a treat or two for himself and his wife Leanne: “Of course you’re in for a treat!

Gary bought Galeron from trainer Charlie Hills last year – the horse is named after Gary, Leanne and daughter Ronnie.

He said: “It was halfway through last year, I was sitting in Newbury having a pint with Charlie and we were looking at the horses he had. He said, “I have this horse that qualifies for the Goffs Million.” I didn’t really understand what the Goffs Million was at the time.

Following the win, he also promised to take Hills and his wife to Las Vegas.

He added: “I’m brand new to running – I’ve only been doing this for 18 months to two years.” I’ve always loved going to the races for the day, but it was during Covid when racing was the only sport left on TV, I started recognizing coaches and names and really got into it.

“A friend of mine had a few racehorses, so I invested with him first.”

Gary is also known as a former borough councilor for Havant – he represented Bedhampton for one term, stepping down in May.

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