Consumers Remain Resilient, Despite Rising Gas Prices

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer tourist season in the Black Hills. Numerous out-of-state license plates were spotted at attractions and on roads as tourists flocked to the area over the weekend. However, have high prices at the pump had an impact on vacation plans?

Some people said that tourism would not be hit hard by high gas prices. While the Black Hills saw a few license plates from around the country, many cars had license plates from neighboring states like Montana, Minnesota and Colorado, where one tourist got a quick response on the high gasoline prices.

“It’s too expensive. Really, it’s very expensive,” said Camila, a visitor from Denver, Colorado.

Camila and her friends have found ways to cut corners, so they don’t overspend, like “Cooking our own food and we’re just trying to eat snacks or something cheaper.”

Like visitors, businesses have also seen the effects of rising gasoline prices.

“I see where the gas prices have affected me as I commute from Rapid City to here in Keystone to work seven days a week,” said Keystone business owner Anissa Harms.

In addition to Harms’ daily commutes, she also takes trips to see her family, trips that are expensive.

“I’m actually driving home to Omaha Nebraska to visit my daughter, my mother and other family members there and yes, it’s quite expensive to drive there and back. It’s an eight and a half hour drive and I probably spent $250 on gas,” Harms says.

People are still spending money on travel despite higher prices.

Harms says, “You work harder. You find a way to survive, and I guess I found that. She said she had to raise the price of her products due to inflation, but had steady income over the busy Memorial Day weekend.

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